Watch out for that steamroller!

You know that guy that come’s on your TV screen and has a recovery plan for America by having everyone drop high-speed internet connections in favor of his dial-up ISP called Net Zero?  Well, he’s either gonna be real mad or real happy, I’m not sure which, because the capitalist monster earnings machine known as GE (the steamroller) is launching a new product line they call — are you ready? — Net Zero.  Now the first guy’s Net Zero was based on originally providing internet access for nothing.  Nada.  Zero.  Hence, Net Zero.  GE’s Net Zero is based on the idea that they will give you (make that, “sell you”) everything you need to take your house off the grid.  That is, to be totally energy independent, supplying all your power needs in, on, and around your house.  So, is the original Net Zero guy mad because the big bad corporation is stealing his name, or is he happy to have a giant corporation advertising his business for him?  And oh, by the way, providing for a lawsuit on copyright infringement that will make him more money than the ISP biz ever did.  Any way you look at it, he’s a winner.

Well, all that’s interesting, but not as interesting as the fact that GE is all-in on Green building.  If they see this phenomenon as worthy of this much time and attention (and dollars), I think we can all safely say that Green building is now mainstream and very much here to stay.  Personally, I think that’s great.  I wish them all the luck with their launch and with a profitable line of business.  GE didn’t get to be GE without a lot of business acumen and making, for the most part, good business decisions and then following them thru with excellent management.

Take a look at a story detailing their plan at  After doing so, or before if you’d like, I’d love to have your comments on what they are doing.  Click on “comments” at the top of this post.


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