Can it be?

There’s a whiff of optimism in the air concerning the home building industry. Can it possibly be?

First, the Oracle of Omaha, aka Warren Buffet, says, “A housing recovery will probably begin within a year or so. In any event, it is certain to occur at some point. […] These businesses entered the recession strong and will exit it stronger. At Berkshire, our time horizon is forever.” You gotta love that last sentence.  And to back up the talk, he is putting hundreds of millions of dollars into his housing related businesses (Shaw, Johns Manville, etc.) which is why they will exit the recession stronger.  See WSJ article.

THEN, Ivy Zelman says maybe things aren’t so bad after all. This is completely out of character.  See Diana Olick’s Realty Check blog . And last week her blog’s title was It May Be Time to Believe in Housing Again.

These things are just too marvelous for me to get my head around.



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