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I L-O-V-E this house!

I love this house and think I’ve finally found a place to put it.

The house is modest size but plenty big enough for most people.  It oozes character due to the great details.  It has the flexibility to be a master up or down, an office, or guest suite.  Formal dining room.  Cozy kitchen.  Usually “cozy” is code for small, but here there’s plenty of room in a good layout and seating for a few, not the whole neighborhood.  I’m kind of a sucker for shingle houses, and this one is a beauty.  Proportions are teriffic.  Details and materials are spot on.  This won’t be a cheap house to build, but the end result will be stupendous.  You can see more of the plan on the web site, plan #444-26.

The spot I’ve got picked out is a large prominent lot in Lynwood Park (Brookhaven) that due to setback requirements on two streets has a rather small buildable area — but big enough for this compact gem.  We’ll be posting it on the website soon with more information.

Let me know what you think.  Thanks.

Watch out for that steamroller!

You know that guy that come’s on your TV screen and has a recovery plan for America by having everyone drop high-speed internet connections in favor of his dial-up ISP called Net Zero?  Well, he’s either gonna be real mad or real happy, I’m not sure which, because the capitalist monster earnings machine known as GE (the steamroller) is launching a new product line they call — are you ready? — Net Zero.  Now the first guy’s Net Zero was based on originally providing internet access for nothing.  Nada.  Zero.  Hence, Net Zero.  GE’s Net Zero is based on the idea that they will give you (make that, “sell you”) everything you need to take your house off the grid.  That is, to be totally energy independent, supplying all your power needs in, on, and around your house.  So, is the original Net Zero guy mad because the big bad corporation is stealing his name, or is he happy to have a giant corporation advertising his business for him?  And oh, by the way, providing for a lawsuit on copyright infringement that will make him more money than the ISP biz ever did.  Any way you look at it, he’s a winner.

Well, all that’s interesting, but not as interesting as the fact that GE is all-in on Green building.  If they see this phenomenon as worthy of this much time and attention (and dollars), I think we can all safely say that Green building is now mainstream and very much here to stay.  Personally, I think that’s great.  I wish them all the luck with their launch and with a profitable line of business.  GE didn’t get to be GE without a lot of business acumen and making, for the most part, good business decisions and then following them thru with excellent management.

Take a look at a story detailing their plan at  After doing so, or before if you’d like, I’d love to have your comments on what they are doing.  Click on “comments” at the top of this post.

New House………

I have spent a LOT of time over the last month or so trying to decide what plan I should build on the one remaining lot I have in Lynwood Park. However, unlike the “old days” when we were building houses on spec and we made all the decisions as to floor plan, features, appliances, bathroom fixtures, carpet, hardwood stains, tile selections, paint colors, etc. etc., nothing is going to get started by me or anyone else unless it is pre-sold. So maybe all my anguishing over which plan is the absolutely perfect house for the lot, the market, and the neighborhood is moot, since the buyer we need in order to get started might have some different ideas about what’s perfect. Anyway, here’s what’s at the top of my list right now. Any thoughts you might have will be much appreciated.

Culbertson-photo This will be a four bedroom, three and one-half bath house with a nice flow and a screened porch. We’d do it without the front porch extension beyond the side of the house (tight lot) and with the garage as a front entry. We’d also modify the elevation a bit to make it more Craftsman in style to stay in sync with most of the neighborhood. This plan is by Frank Betz ( and is called The Culbertson on his website.

Culb 1st fl

You might notice that the plan as drawn has only two baths upstairs, but we’ll put another above the entry foyer because we firmly believe our market requires that a four BR house have 3½ baths. However, if a buyer would prefer a two story foyer in a 4 BR / 2½ BA house, we’d be happy to accommodate.

culb 2nd fl